Homes That Heal

The Homes that Heal program is a Gillis Treatment Foster care program for youth ages 4-12 years old, with behavioral and emotional issues due to trauma and/or chronic stress. With the help of families like yours, we provide a home for the children that is safe and healthy. It is our belief that the home environment provides the children with the best opportunities to heal.

The program is based on a trauma informed module called The Sanctuary Model, an evidence-based model of treatment. Homes that Heal places no more than 1-2 children with a family at a time. Foster parents received specialized training and work as members of a treatment team to provide a safe, structured and healing environment. Foster parents are provided the information on the effects of trauma and chronic stress and are given tools to be implemented in their home setting.

The foster parents in this program receive an enhanced level of support from the program coordinator, including 24/7 crisis intervention, weekly home visits and foster parent support groups. They will also be assisted in developing a home program structure that includes daily routines, house norms and restorative discipline approach. Furthermore, the foster parents will receive reimbursement per month when a child is placed in their home.

For every youth in the program the aim is to:

  • Provide the youth with a nurturing environment
  • Provide the youth structure and stability
  • Provide a supportive relationship with at least one adult
  • Provide trauma-informed treatment to begin the road to healing

The Homes that Heal program is an alternative to residential care for troubled youth, so they can learn skills on how to be successful in a home setting. 

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