Treatment Foster Care (TFC)

Gillis Treatment Foster Care (TFC) offers two program designs tailored for specific age groups and their developmental needs. Homes that Heal is designed for ages 4-12 and Teaching Adolescents Positive Skills (TAPS) is designed for ages 12-18. Children in these programs are placed with specially trained foster parents who work as members of a treatment team to provide a safe, structured and healing environment.  The program is based on the Sanctuary model of Trauma informed care.

Gillis TFC training for Homes that Heal and /or TAPS are both an eight hour course that will introduce participants to the trauma informed foster care model and will cover the effects of trauma and chronic stress on children in care; avoiding power struggles; establishing structure and routine; behavior support techniques such as restorative discipline; and the use of other Sanctuary trauma informed treatment tools and other program specifications.

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