Family Reunification Services

Gillis Family Reunion Services (FRS) provides intensive, short-term, in-home crisis intervention and family education services to reunite families, where the child(ren) would remain in care for 6-months or more, without such intensive services.

Services are provided in the family’s home or other natural setting. Families are assigned one (1) principal specialist who is responsible for spending an average of eight (8) to ten (10) hours per week (more if needed) over the course of the intervention, in direct contact with the family. FRS combines skill-based intervention with maximum flexibility so that services are available to families according to their unique needs. Trained specialists teach families problem-solving and other life skills. In addition, the FRS specialist provides information to families regarding available helping resources.

The overriding goal of Family Reunion is the protection of children through the enhancement of family capabilities. Safety of all family members is a concern, however, safety of the child is the primary consideration. Additional goals are to assist families in removing the barriers preventing the return of their child(ren), assist in the transition of returning the child(ren) to the family, and develop with the family a plan designed to maintain the child(ren) safely in the home.

Family Reunion Services is based upon the belief that families can, through intensive intervention, learn to nurture their children, improve their functioning, and gain support within their community to enable the family to reunify and remain safely together. Safety of all family members is the concern of Family Reunion; however, safety of the child shall be the primary.