Intensive Residential Treatment

Boys come to us with many strengths and talents and also with histories of abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence, multiple foster homes, psychiatric hospitalizations and rejections. These traumatic histories have resulted in attachment difficulties, cognitive and emotional impairments and failure in families, schools and the community. They come to our intensive residential treatment program for safety, healing and a new beginning to reach their full potential.

At Gillis boys ages 5 to 18 are provided with a safe home in one of 2 cottages according to their age. Trained Youth Care workers provide their daily care and supervision with a ratio of one worker to 5 boys. Each boy has a therapist who provides individual, group and family therapies as needed. Intensive treatment begins within the first week with the creation of a master plan of care that is developed by the treatment team consisting of a Therapist, Youth Care Group Leader, Psychiatrist, Nursing staff, the boy, his family if they are involved and any community treatment providers.

A wide range of services are available and provided to each boy based on his needs including:

  • Client Centered, Family Focused and Trauma Informed Care and Treatment based on Sanctuary ModelTherapeutic Crisis Intervention Model for Behavior Management
  • Individual, Group and Family Therapies
  • Treatment Modalities including Play Therapy, Trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Medical Care through Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Medication Management and Psychiatric Care
  • On-campus School Services operated by KCMO District
  • Recreation, Art and Occupational Therapies
  • Organized Community Sports including YMCA Basketball
  • Supervised work and vocational programs
  • Psycho-educational Nurturing Parent Model groups for Parents/Families
  • On campus gym, swimming pool, walking trails, bike path, sand volleyball court and two full playgrounds

The average length of stay in our residential treatment program is 6-9 months but it varies and some stay much longer when they don’t have a home or place to go from here. Our goal is to return each boy to their own home, a foster, adoptive or group home or a supported independent living program where they can flourish and continue on the path of growth and success we have tried to establish for them at Gillis.

How You Can Help

Intensive Residential Treatment is in need of in-kind support. Thank you in advance for your support.