Family Focus Program

Gillis believes that a safe and permanent home and family should be the goal for all children within our programs. The Family Focus Program was developed on this premise and all Gillis staff embraces and practices those ideals as we work to return children to safe and permanent homes.

The Family Focus Program is a family and community-based service utilizing a combination of residential treatment with intensive home-based services. The primary focus of all services will be safety for the child, the family and the community along with establishing a permanent home for the child.

The program intervention is designed to be completed in nine months or less. It may include a short stay in residential treatment, until safety for everyone in the home can be assured. Intensive home-based services are provided to the family during the child's stay in residential care. They continue when he goes home to ensure a smooth transition and successful and permanent family reunification.

Services provided are based on the needs of the child and/or family, as identified through Family Support team meeting and planning reviews, where the family and referring agency and/or legal custodian are present.

Services Available to Meet Need

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluations/Consultation
  • Parent Family Groups and Education
  • Supervision of Family Visits
  • Direct Observation and Assessment of Family Interactions
  • Service Coordination within Community Settings
  • Safety Planning
  • Permanency & Concurrent Planning
  • Aftercare/Discharge Planning
  • Crisis Funds
  • Educational Services
  • Crisis Respite Care

The Family Focus Process

Once a referral to the Family Focus Program has been received by the Gillis Admissions Staff, a "Family Focus Team" is assigned to begin working with the family. The Gillis professional team consists of a Family Focus Specialist and a Family Focus Therapist. These professionals will work with the child, family, referring agent and other identified support resources throughout the duration of the program, guiding the treatment process as all parties work toward safety and permanency. The Specialist and Therapist will meet with the child/family in the home or community to begin assessing their needs prior to admission into residence.

Goal planning with the family to address safety issues begins prior to admission and remains a priority during placement in residence. The Family Support Team will develop a treatment plan, which serves as the driving force for the child and family’s treatment.

During the child and family’s participation in the Family Focus Program, the Gillis Family Focus therapist will provide individual, marital (as needed), and family therapy. The Family Focus Specialist will work with the family to provide support and link the family with any services they need.