Campus-Based Treatment

When provided a safe and supportive living environment boys and girls who have experienced traumatic events in their young lives can begin to heal emotionally and physically. Therapeutic interventions are individualized to increase opportunities for children to achieve personal goals and learn life skills that will help them return to a loving home in the community where they can flourish.

Family Focus

Gillis believes that a safe and permanent home and family should be the goal for all children within our programs. The Family Focus Program was developed on this premise and all Gillis staff embraces and practices these ideals as we work to return children to safe and permanent homes.

The Family Focus Program is a family and community-based service utilizing a combination of residential treatment with intensive home-based services. The primary focus of all services will be safety for the child, the family and the community along with establishing a permanent home for the child. Read More.

Intensive Residential Treatment

Boys come to us with many strengths and talents and also with histories of abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence, multiple foster homes, psychiatric hospitalizations and rejections.These traumatic histories have resulted in attachment difficulties, cognitive and emotional impairments and failure in families, schools and the community.They come to our intensive residential treatment program for safety, healing and a new beginning to reach their full potential.Read More.

KC Children’s Emergency Shelter

When children are taken into state custody, they must be cared for somewhere. In Missouri they are placed temporarily in either an emergency children’s shelter or an emergency foster home. For children coming from traumatic situations like abuse or extreme neglect, a children’s shelter is preferred because shelters offer trained crisis and trauma counselors. Children may stay there from just a few hours to 30 days. Read More.