Programs & Services

Since 1870, Gillis has been dedicated to serving the needs of children and families of Kansas City. Gillis’ services have undergone many changes over the years. From our beginnings as a support service for families following the Civil War, to our years as an orphanage, to the current focus of assisting troubled children and their families to become healthy and self-sufficient, we have remained steadfast to our original mission of helping the “needy and distressed” of Kansas City.

Gillis is also committed to serving the needs of children and families in the future. Our strong foundation and quality care and innovative vision will guide us as we adjust to the changes of the 21st century.


When provided a safe and supportive living environment boys and girls who have experienced traumatic events in their young lives can begin to heal emotionally and physically. Therapeutic interventions are individualized to increase opportunities for children to achieve personal goals and learn life skills that will help them return to a loving home in the community where they can flourish. Read More.


  • Family Focus
  • Intensive Residential Treatment
  • KC Children’s Emergency Shelter
  • Respite Care


These programs represent a multifaceted approach to increasing opportunities for children, youth and families to improve and strengthen relationships that will have a positive impact on their lives at home, school and in the community. Whenever possible, services are provided to families in their homes to eliminate barriers to treatment such as transportation and child care. Every effort is made to offer flexible hours for counseling so parents and caregivers can maintain a regular work schedule. Each of the programs offered represents a blend of therapeutic interventions to meet the unique needs of each individual and family served. Read More.


  • Functional Family Therapy
  • Healthy Families
  • Outpatient Counseling
  • Parents and Children Together
  • Play Therapy


Historically, children coming into contact with the child welfare system for abuse and/or neglect were often removed from their parents care and placed in foster care. For some of those children, they were subjected to multiple moves increasing their feelings of loss and trauma. With proper support and education, many children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect can be reunited with their parents or caregivers. Building on their strengths, adults learn new skills to nurture their children. For some children, foster care is the best option. Gillis has invested in a proven foster care program designed for troubled adolescents. This program works toward the goal of reunification by involving multiple levels of support during the treatment process. Additional support services include helping families obtain employment and reduce dependency on state assistance. Read More.


  • Family Reunification Services
  • Intensive In-home Services
  • Job Readiness/Job Retention
  • Nurturing Parent and Child


Students attending our day treatment have an opportunity to experience success in a classroom setting. Because of behavioral and/or emotional disorders children attending our school are challenged by a traditional classroom setting. Educational services at Gillis are integrated to include a comprehensive plan of care that includes pre-vocational or vocational skills development, and activity services such as art, music and recreation. Therapeutic services are also provided to help parents and caregivers support educational achievement. Read More.


  • Dual DX
  • ED
  • MRDD
  • Vocational Training


Believing that a safe and permanent home and the security of family should be the outcome for every child we are committed to implementing The Sanctuary Model®. The purpose of Sanctuary is to teach individuals and organizations the necessary skills to create and sustain nonviolent lives and organizations and to keep believing in the unexplored possibilities of peace.

As an organization striving for excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers, we are committed to the following values:

  • Diversity
  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Learning and Growth
  • Relationships
  • Safety
  • Strengths