Sean's Story

Sean was in a large public school and had undetected learning disabilities. He was taken into foster care when his mother "bottomed out" after a long history of substance abuse. Sean had severe behavioral problems at school and he wasn't able to do the work expected of him.

Any about not being at home with his mother, Sean showed his anger toward his foster family. His behavior became so unmanageable that he made a suicidal gesture and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where it was determined he should go to residential care on a short-term basis.

Sean needed structure and intensive services to stabilize his behavior and emotions. He was assessed at the hospital as having learning disabilities; these were addressed at Gillis. He learned that others had similar life situations after attending group sessions at Gillis, and was able to learn coping skills to help him manage his frustration and anger in individual therapy. He learned to play new games and to socialize with peers.