Jason's Story

Jason was eleven years old when he and his mother first arrived at Gillis. For them the road had been a difficult one. Jason first began seeking therapy when he was diagnosed as hyperactive, manic-depressive, learning disabled, and socially maladjusted.

In public school Jason was placed in a learning-disabled classroom even though his test scores indicated intelligence beyond his age. His mother was enduring the pressure of a special needs child, divorce, and the birth of a second child. Not ready to give up the possibility of having a loving and healthy relationship with her son, Jason's mother decided to utilize Gillis' residential program.

During the time that Jason lived at Gillis his family was able to learn skills to better adapt to Jason's needs through the Gillis Family Focus program. Gillis helped the whole family with entry of a new father into the family, and the changes that the new child brought. Jason and his family learned to love each other unconditionally, to communicate openly and honestly, to disagree without anger, and most of all to nurture their relationships.

Today Jason lives with his family and attends public high school. He makes above average grades, participates in athletics, has a job, and a girlfriend. In the words of his mother, "Jason is a lovely, well-mannered, intellectually gifted, loudmouthed, obnoxious, challenging, sixteen-year-old. In other words, a 'normal adolescent'!"