Jack's Story

Jack came to Gillis when the Children's Division was unable to find a 4th foster home willing to take him. His mother was clean and working toward getting him back, but relapsed and has only seen him once since then. Jack has siblings but doesn't see them much because their foster parent thinks Jack upsets them. Jack was a very hurt, lonely, frightened and angry boy with a history of family violence, substance abuse, loss, abandonment and constant rejection and disappointment.

When he arrived at Gillis Jack did not qualify for special education due to his average IQ and an ineligible diagnosis of "conduct disorder." Experience has shown us that kids with special needs like Jack have experienced so much disruption and failure in their lives that an important part of our intervention must include some educational success in our therapeutic school. Since his arrival Jack's reading has increased to a 3rd grade level, his aggressive behavior and time in our "recovery room" has decreased and he has shown a great interest and talent in art.

Jack is proud of the success he has achieved in school and Gillis is proud of the progress Jack and all the kids we serve make in our school.