Dustin's Story

Dustin was a boy with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges who didn't like school. He tried every excuse to miss school and as a result of his determination was absent and frequently tardy and was finally referred to Gillis.

During a life-skills class at Gillis last fall Dustin decided that his teacher "needed a surprise." In classroom conversations he had learned that his teacher liked pumpkin pie, but that her husband didn't, so she rarely made it at home.

Dustin enlisted the help of three classmates and swore them to secrecy. During their next life skills class the four students baked their teacher a pumpkin pie that she could "either share or eat by herself." Of course, the teacher was touched by their kindness and generosity and chose to share with the class.

Since the day of the pumpkin pie Dustin has been in class each day and he has even been on time!