Davion's Story

Davion was a young teenaged boy living with extended family members when his behavior became uncontrollable. He began behaving violently toward his caregivers and was generally uncooperative. His caregivers reached out to Gillis through the Family Focus program. Immediately Davion began receiving therapy both at home and at Gillis through a brief residential stay.

Even after Davion returned home, his family spent an hour with their Gillis therapist each week. One Sunday night Davion had a meltdown. His caregiver called Gillis for help and the therapist drove to their home to diffuse the situation. As Davion continued to test the boundaries by being uncooperative, the family and therapist decided it was best for him to visit Gillis after school each day to do his homework, eat dinner and bathe. Then the Gillis therapist drove him home each evening and stayed with the frustrated caregivers until he fell asleep.

Thanks to the care-filled approach to crisis management the family is intact and functioning effectively today!