Planned Giving Program

Your Legacy

The First Important Step

No matter what your age, or your financial situation, if you don’t have a will you have no say in how your money and possessions are distributed. You may be surprised to know that 1 in 5 people do not have a will. Make sure that one person is not you. If you do not have a will, contact your attorney. If you do have a will, make sure it is current.

The Things A Will Can Do For You

  • You can ensure that your desires are fulfilled
  • You can remind your loved ones of your basic beliefs and commitments by including a charity of choice
  • You can leave a gift in memory of someone for a specific project (scholarships, school supplies, books)
  • When people plan their estates they are often surprised at how much they really have to give. If you own a house or car, have an insurance policy, a savings account, retirement plan, 401K, or stock investments, you have an estate

A Planned Gift Can Help You

  • Reduce tax implications
  • Provide income for life, or income for a period of years
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains on contributions of appreciated assets
  • Produce higher current income than low yielding stocks, bonds, or real estate
  • Complement retirement planning
  • Allows you to shift money designated for taxes to a charitable cause
  • Continue your support of Gillis

Having an estate plan is the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed. You’ll avoid probate, minimize taxes and you can leave a legacy to your favorite charity or religious organization. As long as it’s established during your lifetime.

The Next Step

To add a codicil or provision to your will on behalf of Gillis, you can add a statement such as:

"I give and bequeath to the Ella C. Loose Heritage Society of Gillis, a non-profit agency for children and families, located in Kansas City Missouri, the sum of $_____ or ____% of my residuary estate or the following described property _______ to fund their permanent endowment or any designated program” to your will or as your beneficiary designation."

Contact your attorney or other professional advisor for legal and tax advantages. If you do not have an advisor, you can contact Gillis. We have an advisory board of financial planners and lawyers who are available to assist you.

To make a donation, request an Annual Report, or want to become a member of the Planned Giving Program, please contact Sara Gardner at 816-508-3544 or