Gillis Booth

Music is a tool through which youth process their emotional experience. Often difficult emotions such as love, grief, rage and empathy can be given space to exist within the familiarity of rhythm and harmony. In this way music serves as an essential survival tool, and access to this tool is something that we feel should be considered a basic human right.

The Gillis Booth is an electronic music program to provide our kids with one-on-one recording sessions and student-lead songwriting in a high-tech, intuitive music production environment. The youth have already recorded and released one album. Now Gillis and music composer and musician, Ashley Miller, are bringing that energy back. More than $12,000 was raised during a crowd funding campaign in March. These funds will allow us to hire Ashley as a resident artist at Gillis. Ashley will work with youth in a fully functional mobile recording studio to develop their musical talent, songwriting abilities, and help them learn how best to express their stories, thoughts and emotions. Ashley and Gillis are excited to purchase the equipment and build the studio to keep the music flowing for a long time to come.

Listen to the first Gillis Booth Album